Making a submission

Councilís Community Consultation Policy sets out details of when a Development Application is required to be either Notified as applies to advising surrounding owners or Advertised as applies to a broader form of notification.

Where a submission is received during the period stated for the receipt of submissions, the assessment of the application will take into account the issues raised in a submission.

Not all Development Applications are notified or advertised. In those cases any submissions received will be noted but will not necessarily be taken into consideration during the assessment of the application.

You are encouraged to make your submission on this DA electronically. To do so, please use the email facility that is available at the end of the page displaying the details of the Development Application of interest. In the interest of public transparency please note that your (any) submission in its entirety will be available to the applicant or other interested persons on request and will also be made available on Councilís internet site, as per Councilís resolution of 28 February 2006. Note that all submissions that are not electronically made will also be scanned and published on Councilís internet site.

Pre-printed form letters which have been individually signed, or petitions, will be scanned and published only as a summary, and be considered but not formally acknowledged.

Please restrict your submission/s to environmental and planning concerns relating to the DA and refrain from providing specific private, defamatory and risk to security information.

You are encouraged, as is the applicant, to discuss with each other any matters that may be of concern.

Submissions may be made by using the online facilities provided from the DA Tracking site or by letter or facsimile addressed to Council. In order to advise you of the outcome of the application assessment and determination you are required to advise your name and contact details.

Where submissions are made by email with attachments both will be published, however, in some cases, part of the email will appear in a code form and will not be readable.

From 1 October 2008 when lodging a submission on a relevant planning application (eg; LEP, Section 94 Plan, DCP, Development Application (DA) or DA modification) you must disclose information about any reportable political donations and gifts (if any) made in the previous two years and up to determination of the planning application. If you make a donation or gift after lodging your submission, you must make a disclosure within seven days of making the donation or gift.

Your disclosure obligations relate to:

  • All reportable political donations made to any local councillor (being donations of $1,000 or more); and
  • All gifts made to any local councillor or employee.

Your disclosure obligations include reportable political donations or gifts made by an associate. An associate is defined by section 147(8) of the EP&A Act 1979.

Failure to disclose a reportable political donation or gift is an offence.

Your disclosure will be made available to the public on Councilís website in accordance with the Act.

More information on your disclosure obligations and a copy of the disclosure form and guide are available here or you may contact Councilís Development and Environmental Services Group on 4429 3111.

Disclosures lodged by Councillors with the Election Funding Authority can be viewed at the Election Funding Authority website at

Note that in accordance with the Act, your disclosure will be made available to the public via Council’s website.