Welcome to the Information Directory, easy access to a large number of organisations in the Shoalhaven Area.

There are three ways to obtain information about an Organisation in the Directory, they are Word Search, Subject Heading or Client Grouping.
  1. Use the Search option to find information based on your own word(s)
    This option allows you to enter one or more words, or parts of a word, to search on. The system will search through the names of organisations, subject headings and client groupings, plus any supplied free-form description to satisfy your request. The word AND is assumed between the words you entered.

  2. Select Subjects option to present a list of subjects from which you may choose.
    This method allows you to progress through three levels of subject headings to obtain a list of organisations in the subject areas of your choice.

  3. Select from the list of Client Groups (e.g. Women, Aged, Youth, etc)
    The Client Groups are a means of looking for all organisations that represent a particular group within the community. This method goes across all levels of Subjects and is not intended to be a principle search method of finding organisations.