Code: 05CFAC2010  
Category/Planning Area: Local / Area 5  
Location: Ulladulla  
Description: Southern Shoalhaven Branch Library (Ulladulla Town Centre precinct)  
Strategy: To provide the community with increased variety of activity and access to Information Technology that meets with user needs of growing social development demand.
Contribution Rate:
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Contribution map shaded areas indicate the Contribution Area(s). Red indicates Contribution Infrastructure.
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Project Estimate: $3,235,320.00 in May 2004
Indexed Estimate:
Apportionment: The apportionment to future development is 21.9%.
Nexus: The population accommodated in the Contribution Area in both existing and future development up to 2026 will generate the demand for this project. The contribution rate calculation therefore reflects this planning philosophy. Public libraries are the most widely used community facility in Australia and this pattern is reflected in research that indicates the Shoalhaven with double the usage of other community facilities.
Supporting Information:
Supporting Information can be found here.
Proposed Works:
Land Acquisition Estimate: $175,000.00 in May 2004
Timing: 2011/15
  Plan Effective: 23 Mar 2011 - As Amended (September 2014)