Code: 03ROAD2113  
Category/Planning Area: Local / Area 3  
Location: St Georges Basin  
Description: St Georges Basin Village Centre Service Lane (Village Access Road to Island Point Road)  
Strategy: To provide a service lane between the Village Access Road and Island Point Road for service vehicles to have separate access to the retail area and properties sighted for future development. The project cost equals the total project estimate ($388,305.93) minus the estiamted value of works required to be constructed by the supermarket consent for Lot 1 DP 1093012 issued 06/02/2009 ($226,649.15 including $99,620 in land value). See supporting information.
Contribution Rate:
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Contribution map shaded areas indicate the Contribution Area(s). Red indicates Contribution Infrastructure.
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Project Estimate: $161,656.78 in May 2010
Indexed Estimate:
Apportionment: The apportionment to future development is 100%.
Nexus: The project ensures that new development pays the costs associated with providing a suitable road network which directly services demand created by development.
Supporting Information: Supporting Information can be found here.
Proposed Works: See supporting information.
Land Acquisition Estimate: $87,459.00 in May 2010
Timing: Development dependent
  Plan Effective: 23 Mar 2011 - As Amended (September 2014)