Code: 01ROAD2144  
Category/Planning Area: Local / Area 1  
Location: South Nowra  
Description: Internal Access Road (adjoining HiIlcrest Avenue)  
Strategy: To provide improved, efficient and safe public road networks for increasing traffic volumes associated with development demand.
Contribution Rate:
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Contribution map shaded areas indicate the Contribution Area(s). Red indicates Contribution Infrastructure.
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Project Estimate: $1,317,417.00 in Nov 2006
Indexed Estimate:
Apportionment: The apportionment to future development is 90.2%.
Nexus: The project is critical for ensuring that new development pays an equitable apportionment of costs associated with providing a suitable road network which directly services demand created by development. The demand for this project includes 7% assumed through traffic which equates to $92,219 in Nov 2006 and is apportioned to Council
Supporting Information:
Supporting Information can be found here.
Proposed Works:
Land Acquisition Estimate: $448,800.00 in Nov 2006
Timing: 2017/21
  Plan Effective: 23 Mar 2011 - As Amended (September 2014)