Code: 01AREC2008  
Category/Planning Area: Local / Area 1  
Location: Whole Planning Area  
Description: Planning Area 1 - Active recreation facility upgrades (various locations)  
Strategy: To provide active recreation facilities to meet anticipated demand from development.
Contribution Rate:
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Contribution map shaded areas indicate the Contribution Area(s). Red indicates Contribution Infrastructure.
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Project Estimate: $4,163,102.00 in Jan 2010
Indexed Estimate:
Apportionment: The apportionment to future development is 27.12%.
Nexus: The population accommodated in Planning Area 1 in both existing and future development up to 2026 will generate the demand for this project. The contribution rate calculation therefore reflects this planning philosophy.
Supporting Information: Supporting Information can be found here.
Proposed Works: Concept plans are shown in the Sportsground Strategic Plan 2008 - 2036
Land Acquisition Estimate: $0.00
Timing: 2009/21 (See supporting information for individual project timing)
  Plan Effective: 23 Mar 2011 - As Amended (September 2014)