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Welcome to the Shoalhaven City Library Newspaper Index. The index provides access to a selection of articles about the Shoalhaven area. The emphasis is on Council affairs, building, environmental issues, local identities, organisations and social issues. The articles are available in print or on microfilm at the Local Studies section of the Shoalhaven City Library. For a list of Newspapers and Years that have been indexed, please see the table below.

This site contains references for

Newspaper From To
 South Coast Register  3/01/2002  5/05/2004
 South Coast Register  14/12/2005  1/05/2020
 Milton Ulladulla Times  6/01/2010  15/04/2020
 South Coast Register  8/01/1926  23/10/1958
 South Coast Register  17/02/2021  17/02/2021
 The Shoalhaven and Nowra News  7/01/2010  19/12/2014
 Milton Ulladulla Times  6/01/1956  20/04/1956
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